Has the notch become obsolete?

Has the notch become obsolete?

October 10, 2022 0 By Abhay Goel

The new ‘Dynamic Island’ has become one of the most loved features of iPhone users. People are willing to buy the iPhone 14 Pro instead of the iPhone 14 which still features an ‘obsolete’ notch.

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The notch was introduced in 2017 during the iPhone X launch and it has changed the whole smartphone market across the world. Many major smartphone brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, etc adopted this style of smartphone and started shipping them to the smartphone markets in China, India and the United States.

Since then, Apple has been sticking to its notch display and has been slightly reducing its length in the iPhones launched after iPhone X. The last notch was added to iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Now, the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are featuring something called ‘Dynamic Island’ which is better than the notch. People think that the notch has become obsolete and Apple would stop manufacturing phones with a notch in the upcoming years and instead will adopt the new Dynamic Island.

It is rumoured that Apple would still be featuring a notch in not only Mac but also in the upcoming iPhone SE 4-generation which could make its release anytime in 2024.

According to Apple analyst Ross Young, Apple would add a notch to the 4-gen iPhone SE in the year 2024. Till now, we have seen Apple launching iPhone SE without a notch but after so many years we could see some slight innovation from the tech giant.