Apple could increase its cell production in Indian plants

Apple could increase its cell production in Indian plants

November 12, 2022 Off By Abhay Goel

Recent reports suggest that Apple could increase its iPhone production in India.

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Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron, which are Taiwanese companies and significant producers of iPhones could increase their production to 25% by 2025. This comes after China announced a lockdown in one of the cities which produces the world’s most significant number of iPhones.

Some officials from the Indian government claimed this fact and we could expect to see major productions from India. The country is home to the largest mobile factory in the world which is Samsung, based in the Indian city of Noida.

In a couple of years, we could expect 25-30% of Apple products like Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc to be manufactured in India. The Indian plants are based in the states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Apple already has plans to multiply its production and we have been hearing this for a couple of years. It is expected that the company could open its official stores not only in Mumbai but also in Pune and Bengaluru.