Good News! Foxconn’s Main Plant In China To Restart Production In December

Good News! Foxconn’s Main Plant In China To Restart Production In December

December 5, 2022 Off By Abhay Goel

Taiwanese assembler Foxconn could start its operation in late December due to the following chaos in China over COVID protocols.

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  • Foxconn could resume iPhone production in late December.
  • There were many riots across Zhenzhou city over COVID restrictions.
  • Foxconn issued a clear statement stating that they would start iPhone production.

As per a Foxconn spokesperson, the “situation has stabilized.” In the following statement, they said

“The local government is actively helping with the resumption. The capacity is now being gradually resumed with new staff hiring under way. If the recruitment goes smoothly, it could take around three to four weeks to resume full production”.

Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant employs over 200,000 workers and is also known as ‘the iPhone city of the world.’ For the last few months, the government passes new COVID laws in the area due to which they were several unrest in the area.

With about 200,000 employees, the Zhengzhou factory is Foxconn’s largest iPhone factory. Foxconn, which is responsible for assembling about 70% of the iPhones Apple sells, has struggled to keep staff on site due to lockdowns, cutting production by as much as 30% of its output. Foxconn reported on Monday that it expects November sales to fall 11.4% and expects the fourth quarter to be “largely in line with market consensus.”

iPhone 14 Pro models are currently experiencing at least a four-week delay in shipping from Apple’s online stores in the US as the company struggles to maintain supplies.